Saling Over The Hump

As the Monday blues stretch into Tuesday, I find myself looking forward to Wednesday and getting over that midweek hump. Best of all, with Wednesday comes the Hump Day Happiness Sale, because we all need a little extra something to get us over the midweek hump…

Hatpins - Reg Colton - Porkpie Hat

Now just hold on one second, I know what you’re about to ask. What does Reg with a guitar have to do with Hump Day? Well it would seem that our lovely Miss Straaf intends to help us over that hump and on our way to the weekend by offering up the Keaton Porkpie Hat in two variations for the sale. Only 69L will land you either the sloped or the straight crowned version of this fine hat, each with texture change options to both hat and band. If you can’t decide, at this price you could easily go home with one of each!

Hatpins - Keaton Porkpie Hat Sloped - HDH

Hatpins - Keaton Porkpie Hat Straight - HDH

Then, if you take a peek at the second floor, you’ll find that the lovely Lady Endora hats have been discounted forever and are now only 100L each. Who can resist a pretty bow adorned with delicious lace? I can’t, so here’s a picture and I’m off to shop! See you at Hatpins!

Hatpins - Lady Endora - Sale


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