Stepping Out

Welcome to the weekend ladies and gents! It’s time for a new release and a sale. Hatpins latest piece of wearable art is an homage to the marvelously designed hats from the 1920’s. Lady Monica will have you stepping out in style with her lush ribbon and bow and subtle sprinkling of feathers. She also comes with a face-length veil for a touch of the dramatic.

Hatpins - Lady Monica

It looks like this young lady (Oh hey! That’s me!) has decided to take Lady Monica out for a more modern spin, teaming her up with a sassy dress for what could well be a night out dancing until her feet fall off!

Hatpins - Lady Monica Hat

Then being the weekend there is the joy of a sale. This week brings Lady Frances out in a previously unreleased red for the Sixty Linden Weekend sale.

Hatpins - Lady Frances - 60 Linden Weekend

Lastly a reminder that the Lady Endora hats are permanently marked down, and soon will only be found at the Hatpins Discounted Hats Shop in Caledon Downs and in the discount section of the Haute Couture location. Time to shop, see you at Hatpins!


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