Inspirational Lady!

Greetings ladies and gents. It’s that time again, another new release at Hatpins. I must say, when I first got my happy little fingers on this one, my inner muse leapt out and started coming up with quite the variety of scenarios involving the ladies who would wear this hat. Clearly a creation that inspires. So without further ado here is Lady Gemma, a lovely Victorian touring hat. Give her a whirl and see what she inspires for you! Also, for those in the Hatpins Finery group, Miss Straaf has made a free version of this hat (in another colour) as the current group gift.

Hatpins - Lady Gemma

Oh yes, and being the weekend we can’t forget the Sixty Linden Weekend Sale. This time around our lovely Miss Straaf has put out the Steamy Victorian “Gentleman” top hat. With rotating gears, feathers and assorted shiny bits this hat is bound to look wonderful on men and women alike. Until next time, see you at Hatpins!

Hatpins - Steamy Victorian - Sixty Linden Weekend


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