Holiday Hats for Happy Heads

Here comes Wednesday again! My how time flies when you’re hatting… I mean having fun. This week we get a nice sneak peek at the soon to be released Lady Nellie hat, but with a holiday twist as Canada Day and Independence day are arriving soon! So you can head over to Hatpins and enjoy the preview taste of this lovely hat during the Hump Day Happiness Sale. (Mind you, I do not suggest actually nibbling on the hat!) Along with Nellie you’ll also find the holiday versions of Lady Endora out for the sale.

Hatpins - Lady Nellie - Canada Day

Hatpins - Lady Nellie - Independence Day

If you peek atop the 69L Sale display you’ll find the special bargain holiday top hats, a mere 5L each. The Canada Day hat emits maple leaves upon touch, and the Independence Day emits stars! Just think, you could wear one hat to the parade, another to the celebration picnic and then yet another for the fireworks! Holiday Hats for happy heads at Hatpins, see you there!

Hatpins - Holiday Special Hats

Hatpins - 5L Holiday Hats Special


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