Fresh Off The Hat Rack

Hello ladies and gents! Please make yourselves comfortable while I introduce you to the two new ladies that Miss Straaf has created for us: Lady Nellie and Lady Susan. First we have Lady Nellie, who you had a sneak peek at with the holiday hats. Today she brings us a fresh new look, for not only does she feature the jewel-bedecked ribbon but also a delightful splash of gold mesh to make her departing view a treat for the eyes. With a nice variety of rich jewel tones, there is sure to be an option perfect for any occasion.

Hatpins - Lady Nellie

The next new arrival to Hatpins is the fine, upstanding Lady Susan, by which I mean she is a top hat. Each version of this hat is adorned in lush and colorful silk ribbons featuring a striking pearl accent. This lovely miss is bound to make a wonderful addition to your hat rack.

Hatpins - Lady Susan

This weekend the sweet Lady Juliet returns for the Sixty Linden Weekend sale. With her own new look in a soft wash of fawn colored florals enhancing the lovely white hat, she is apt to win your heart yet again.

Hatpins - Lady Juliet Hat - White and Fawn - 60L special

And before I let you go, I would be remiss if I did not remind you that the Independence Day Lady Nellie and Lady Endora hats are still available for 69L, as well as the special 5L hat which you can find atop the display. Have a lovely weekend, and I’ll see you all at Hatpins!


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