A Release, A Sale and an Auction Walked Into a Millinery

Egads she’s done it again! Miss Straaf has created another piece of beauty with which to adorn our heads. I introduce to you Lady Gretchen, a top hat bedecked with luscious lilies, rich silk ribbon and lovely gold mesh. With Gretchen there is plenty of opportunity for variety as she comes with three different veils, a face veil, the short full veil and the long back veil. A variety of ribbon and flower colors rounds out this release quite nicely.

Hatpins - Lady Gretchen

This weekend Lady Nellie finally makes her appearance in striking scarlet, just in time for the Sixty Linden Weekend sale. So be sure to stop in and get her while this wonderful bargain is in place, the sale runs until Sunday night.

Hatpins - Lady Nellie - Scarlet - 60L

Sunday, July 11th there is to be an RFL auction held in Caledon Tanglewood Forest around noonish. Miss Straaf has put five packs up for auction, all the proceeds going to cancer research. So be sure to head over and enjoy the auction. You’ll find packs for the ladies and gents each, two different steampunk packs and a steampunk neko pack.

Hatpins - RFL Auction Packs

Hatpins - RFL Auction Pack

Finally the last bit of newness is the arrival of a suggestion box in both the Hatpins Mainstore (by the new release wall) and the Haute Couture location (next to the subscribomatic). Do feel free to drop suggestions and/or questions in the box, it’s a great way to help our Lady Reghan remember when people say, “Have you thought about this style?” Now, what am I doing in the kitchen? Oh right! I was grabbing a snack before heading over to Hatpins for some serious shopping. See you there!


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