Hats and Hair Wreaths and Hunts, Oh My!

Buckle up ladies and gents, it’s time for a merry ride for our Miss Straaf has been quite busy this week! First up is the Sixty Linden Weekend sale item, and this time there’s a lovely hair wreath to be had, the Erin Wreath in Citrus Lilies. With this delightful splash of color one could be ready for a lovely garden wedding, or as what clearly happened to me, sprout wings and become a mischief filled fae in a magical forest. Oh the possibilities! This special is available until 12pm SLT Sunday eve.

Hatpins - Erin Wreath - Citrus Lilies - 60L Special

The next vision to come along on today’s journey is the first of a few new items. With her love for daisy hats she has brought us Lady Kathryn. You’ll find this one in a delicious selection of colors, and a lovely blue for the group gift.

Hatpins - Lady Kathryn

A special addition this week is the striking Rita hat, which was made for a request by Moxie Polano of Haute Couture. You see, this hat was needed to top off Miss Moxie’s newest creation, a vintage bathing suit named after Reghan! I’ve gone positively dotty over it, and with a look you can see why. For the moment only the red is available, but more colors have been requested and will be coming out soon.

Hatpins - Lady Rita

Last among the releases is a fresh new color of the Erin wreath collection, this one being Snow Lilies. Sweet and lovely, this wreath is writing stories in my head, perhaps it could inspire one for you.

Hatpins - Erin Wreath - Snow Lilies

Before I let you go to start your shopping trips, let me remind you of the Vintage Flair hunt! The perfume bottle remains hidden to be found until July 30th, and contains not one, but two hats. One for the ladies and one for the gents. Until next time, see you at Hatpins!

Vintage Flair Hunt Hats


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