The Blogger Made Her Do It

The weekend is here, and surely you know what that means. Oh yes, it means Miss Straaf has put out a lovely hat for the sixty linden weekend sale! This time around she offers up one of her favorites, the delightful Lady Emily in Bluejay Velvet. You can scoop up this deal until Midnight Sunday eve, don’t miss it!

Hatpins - Lady Emily - Bluejay Velvet - Sixty Linden Weekend

On to the new releases! First up is Lady Amanda, a boater with a big floppy bow that has certainly won the heart of one Miss Jeni. Perhaps she will win yours as well, along with the sweet little purse that goes with her. I find myself wanting to call her Miss Versatility, as you can wear her as she comes, with the bow to the front, or spin her about to put the bow to the side, or even the back.

Hatpins - Lady Amanda

And then we find ourselves facing the lovely Branwen once more. There are six new wreaths, two of which you got a peek at on Wednesday. Another two are sheer delights in that they are autumn hued, this particular blogger’s favorite season. It would seem my gypsy charm got to Miss Straaf, as she admitted that I made her release them now.

Hatpins - Branwen Wreath - Autumn

In other news, the Vintage Flair Hunt prize is still waiting to be found if you have not done so yet. You will find a Lady Nellie hat in the Mobvend. The Lucky Chair has been filled up with fresh hats and is waiting to be sat upon. You will find that the chair and sale item display have been moved to the left side of the shop, as has the suggestion box. Oh glorious suggestion box how I love thee! And on that merry note I bid you all a good day/eve, and I shall see you at Hatpins!


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