Not One Sale, But Two!

I bet you’ll never guess what I’m about to tell you! Go on, give it your best shot. If you’ve guessed that the middle of the week is upon us and that our lovely Miss Straaf has a special deal for us for a mere 69L, then you are ever so correct! This week you will find both the Lady Emma hat and the Lady Emma dress out for 69L each in the Hump Day Happiness sale at Hatpins. In a lovely coal, yes I think coal is lovely, these will make beautiful additions to any lady’s wardrobe.

Hatpins - HDH - Lady Emma Hat

Hatpins - HDH - Lady Emma Dress

Now, what you may not expect is another sale! Miss Straaf will be closing the Hatpins at Haute Couture store on Wednesday eve at midnight. So until then you have until then to purchase selected items at 25% off in that location only. Be sure not to miss it! Happy shopping!

Hatpins - Haute Couture Closing


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