Meredith and Wynne, Two Special Ladies

Today I’m going to show you two special ladies, or perhaps I should say two ladies on special? First up we have the lovely Lady Meredith. Miss Straaf has put out the Meredith hat and gown in crimson, for 69L each for the Hump Day Happiness Sale. With lace trim and lush flowers the hat is a true headturner, and the gown certainly compliments the look nicely, featuring a pretty cameo at the throat.

Hatpins - Lady Meredith Hat and Gown - Crimson - HDH

Next up is Wynne. With gerberas and roses adorning this wreath in a delectable set of colors, you simply can’t go wrong. This vibrant lady is currently a part of the LOW Sale, the Letter of the Week. She can be found the the delightful deal of 100L until Midnight Saturday. Be sure to find your way to Hatpins to take advantage of both of these specials!

Hatpins - Wynne Wreath - LoW Sale


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