New Hats, New Sales!

Hello lovely readers! The weekend is upon us and our wonderful Miss Straaf has a couple of special deals for us at Hatpins, as well as delightful new releases!

Hatpins - Amanda Jessica Marcelle

First up let us meet Lady Jessica, the latest addition to the Hatpins collection. She arrives in a flurry of lace, flowers and feathers. This is one lavish lady and I imagine she could make herself quite at home atop any Hatpins loving head! At her side we will find the lovely Lady Marcelle, a simple lass but ever so lovely in that simplicity. Oh the joy of a cloche hat, and such pretty colors she comes in.

Lady Amanda steps in next. She will be featured, along with her matching purse, as this weeks Sixty Linden Weekend special. These two are a fine pair in red and would make excellent company making the shopping rounds with you! This set can be found on sale until midnight Sunday.

Last but hardly least we will be seeing Lady Marcelle come Sunday as the Letter of the Week sale item. Team this wine colored darling up with your Sunday best and enjoy! Until Next time, see you at Hatpins.

Hatpins - Three Ladies


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