What Is That On My Head?

“Hey Jeni?”
“Yes Naomi?”
“I don’t know how to tell you this…”
“If you tell me something crazy like there’s a cat on my hat, I’m going to faint.”
“There’s a cat on your hat.”

There's A Cat On My Hat, Isn't There

And with a graceful and incredibly ladylike motion, Miss Jeni did indeed faint! Let us hope she wakes in time to enjoy the weekend with us, for Miss Reghan has a true delight out for the Sixty Linden Weekend Sale. There’s a whimsical twist to this weekend’s treat, the “Oh no! My new hat!” hat. This great pouncer of feathers will make a splendid addition to your hat collection, and who can resist the smiles to be found in those happily twitching ears?

Hatpins - Oh No My New Hat - Sixty Linden Weekend

While you’re scritching the ears of the darling kitty hat, take a look at the newest release to find its way to the store. Lady Yolande features a flipped up brim adorned with roses, a pretty ribbon and the yummiest feathers. She is available in 8 colors, though you will only find 7 of them until Sunday Morning.

Hatpins - Lady Yolande

When Sunday morn does indeed arrive you will be able to purchase that extra color, a lovely golden sunshine, as the Letter of the Week special.

Hatpins - Lady Yolande - Golden Sunshine - Letter of the Week

And in Hatpins news, Miss Reghan is closing the discount shop in Caledon Downs. All the discounted hats can now be found on the third floor of the main store. As always, have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you at Hatpins!


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