The Cat and the Hats

Hatpins - Lady Carrie - HDH

Hold on, just wait a minute! Where did the time go? I am certain it was just yesterday that there was a feline perched atop my head, and here it is, already in the waning hours of Tuesday eve? Well then, I suppose this is as good a time as any to let you in on some of the things I’ve seen and heard recently. Our lovely Miss Reghan has put out not one, but two sale items this week for Hump Day Happiness. You will find Lady Carrie for your enjoyment in a delectable plum. Can you feel that urge to pluck this one right into your wardrobe and onto your hatrack?

Hatpins - Lady Carrie Hat and Dress - Plum - HDH

Now, if I can have an extra moment of your time, there are more tidbits I’d love to share with you. First the shop in Caledon Downs is gone. If anyone desires to buy the building please do contact Miss Straaf as it is up for sale. The discounted hats are all settled in on the third floor of the main store, and all set to 99L with the exception of the green framed ones. Those are are marked for retirement at 50L, so scoop them up! Also a little kitty whispered to me that the mobvend has been tweaked and only needs 7 now to hit the low price. Kitty also purred something about a new hat in it. How low does it go? I’ll leave that to you to find out, so have a lovely day/eve and see you at Hatpins!

The Cat and the Hat


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