The Milliner’s Workshop – Sales and Releases

A light shines upon a scene in a far off place. With a glance it becomes clear that you are looking at the milliner’s workshop, and there is evidence that she’s been hard at work. Bits of mesh and lace are found upon a table, and a nearby shelf shows a nice supply of felts and straw. A young lass tiptoes in and makes her way to the nearest hatrack, and a smile of joy lights her features as her eyes fall upon the hats she finds there. The fruits of the milliner’s labor are a sight to see, and now they can be introduced!

Hatpins - Lady Paulina

The weekend has come again and our dear Miss Reghan is tantalizing our senses with a couple of nice sales and some delicious new releases. First may I present to you the lovely Lady Paulina. This hat is what happens when the milliner watches Metropolis while visions of edwardian boaters and hatpins are floating through her mind. You can find the black and pearl version of this release as the Letter of the Week special for a mere 79L.

Hatpins - Lady Paulina - Black and Pearl - Letter of the Week Sale

For those of you in the Hatpins group there is another version of this hat. The August group gift is Lady Paulina in brown with onyx. I have a feeling that particular color combination has thrilled a certain blogger of hats. So much so, in fact, that she appears to be dancing with joy!

Hatpins - Lady Paulina - Brown with Onyx - Group Gift

The next pretty lady to delight our hearts is the other new release, and also a sale item, Lady Denima. She strolls in, a vision of denim adorned in lace and soft roses. There are six color combinations to win your heart, and the peaches and cream roses are the Sixty Linden Weekend sale item. Is it just me or does she give the urge to saunter to the nearest ice cream parlor for a nice frozen treat? Just don’t forget to take Denima with you when you give in to that urge, she can protect your pretty head from the sun!

Hatpins - Lady Denima - Peaches and Cream Roses - Sixty Linden Weekend

And there you have it, new releases and sales. In other news I would like to remind you that the green framed hats in the discount room at Hatpins will be vanishing forever come September 1st, so if you want them do be sure to grab them. Also, did you know there is a Hatpins Flickr group? I know Miss Straaf, and myself included, would be delighted to see pictures of all of you in your favorite Hatpins hats. So hat up, get snappy and saunter your inimitable selves over to Hatpins SL to submit your pictures. I thank you for reading and bid you a good day/eve and will see you at Hatpins!


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