Weekend Sales, New Releases

Hatpins - Lady Sophronia Hat Red and Yellow - LOW

Hello lovely readers! The weekend is upon us and this means I get to show you the good deals and the new releases! So here we go! This first lovely duo is both new releases and one of our sale items. The lovely rose and hibiscus adorned hat, Lady Sophronia is the Letter of the Week special, and the pretty hair worn with her is Lady Sophronia as well! You can get the Lady Sophronia hat for a mere 79L until Thursday.

Hatpins - Lady Sophia Wig

Oh, and for those who like bangs, there’s Lady Sophia, who I think is just adorable! Popping in next is Lady Isolde, who I love and adore. You’ll find her featured in grey and pink this weekend for the Sixty Linden Weekend sale. One not to be missed!

Hatpins - Lady Isolde Grey and Pink - Sixty Linden Weekend

Don’t forget, the Steam Hunt is still going on and the hat to be found is delicious! So gear up and I’ll see you at Hatpins!

Hatpins - Sales and Release


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