Midweek Happies!

Hatpins - Lady Ophelia Hat and Dress - HDH

Hello ladies and gents! Here we are at that midweek hump once more, and our lovely Miss Reghan has put out something delicious to help shove you right over it in fine style. This week’s 69L offerings are the Lady Ophelia hat and the matching dress, each priced to be quite a bargain. Take a stroll over to Hatpins before the end of Wednesday eve to get them for your wardrobe.

Hatpins - Lady Ophelia - HDH

And there is one other happy I simply must share with everyone. Tomorrow is the 9th, which marks three months that I’ve been blogging for Miss Reghan. So I would like to say thank you to her, for allowing me the joy of doing so, and for all the giggles that have been had along the way. I’m looking forward to much more. Here’s to the next three months! Happy Blogiversary! Now, what am I doing in the kitchen?



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