At the Drop of a Hat

Hatpins - Lady Imogene Vibrant Violet - Letter of the Week

Hello dear readers! The weekend is here, and with it new specials. Miss Straaf has particularly delighted me with two of my favorite hats on sale this time around, and I hope you’ll be just as delighted. First we have the ever so lovely Lady Imogene for the Letter of the Week sale, V for Vibrant Violet. At a mere 79L I surely wouldn’t pass up this bargain. Imogene comes with two different gold net veils, a long back veil, and then a short full one as seen in the picture above. We’re going for a nice dramatic look tonight in the presentation of our ladies, for the grid created drama when it decided to not allow a certain blogger to save ad pictures, therefore the lack of those this time around.

Hatpins - Lady Gretchen Copper Tiger - Sixty Linden Weekend

Next up is Lady Gretchen, the Copper Tiger version. She is featured as the Sixty Linden Weekend special. A delightful topper this lady is, featuring coppery lilies and earthy toned roses. Gretchen comes with three different veils, ahh the joy of variety! Don’t wait too long to pick her up, she’s only available at this low price until Sunday night. So until next time, I’ll see you at Hatpins!


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