Feathers and Flowers And Bats, in Hats!

Greetings lovely readers! The weekend is here! But, by now I bet you have that figured out. I am running behind, but here we go with lots of news! So here we go in no particular order!

Hatpins - Lady Rita - Sixty Linden Weekend

First up is the Sixty Linden Weekend hat, the delightful Lady Rita. A treasure in straw, red and white flowers and pretty polka-dotted ribbon! You’ll find her available for the special sale price until Sunday eve.

Next is the Letter of the Week hat. Miss Straaf brings us the peacock version of her new release for a low 79L, and you’ll find it at that price until the 23rd. You will find three other colors of this hat available as well, at regular price. Miriam is a pretty little thing, a vision in straw, pretty ribbon, delicate flowers and a feather!

Hatpins - Lady Miriam - LOW

There’s a new hunt going on, and Hatpins is part of it. The Witch Hunt, which only runs for a week, so you have that long to find it. Help the witches find their lost artifacts to find the prizes!

Hatpins - Hallowe'en Scene Witchie Hat - The Witch Hunt

Now, I’ve some spectacular news for you. There are three other new releases this week, all in the accessories line. Our lovely Miss Reghan is making spectacles now, and I for one am madly in love with them! Avery and Riley are both suitable for either gender, and Ainsley is one for the gents. All three come in silver, copper and gold. Demos are available as well. The lenses in this delicious eyewear is scripted for colour and opacity change.

Hatpins - Spectacles

And that wraps up that! In other news, the steam hunt is still going on until September 30th, look for the gear! Miss Reghan has a new area for textures, on the third floor next to the discount area. And speaking of the discount area, the vendor of Tiny dresses is there now, all 99L now. And off I go, have a lovely day/eve, and I’ll see you at Hatpins!

Hatpins - Sales and Hunt


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