The New and the Sales

Hatpins - Lady Lavinia Sapphire - LOW

The weekend is finally here, which makes for much happiness, and in my book sales are happiness! So on to the sale and the new releases. First up we have the Letter of the Week Sale, and this week’s LOW is L! So Miss Reghan brings us the lovely Lady Lavinia in sapphire for the low price of 79L! This gemmed beauty is also one of the new releases and can be found in six other colors to delight your eye and your head.

Hatpins - Glenna Hair Wreath - Sixty Linden Weekend

For Sixty Linden Weekend we have a new wreath. The Glenna Wreath in autumn hibiscus and rose can be found on sale until Sunday eve. Take a deep breath, don’t the flowers smell lovely? Glenna is also another new release and can be found in seven other colors, oh the choices! And for those in the Hatpins Finery group, you’ll find the lilac rose and white hibiscus as the group gift this month.

Hatpins - Drew Spectacles

Last, and certainly not least is the newest pair of spectacles, Drew. With a style to suit either ladies or gents and colour and alpha change on the lenses, these are bound to brighten up your day. I’ve decided I am the cutest thing ever in them. (We won’t be bursting my little pixel bubble of happiness there. )

Hatpins - Sale & Release Set

Today (Sept 26) is the last chance to get the Witch Hat for free in the Witch Hunt, and then it will vanish until October when it will be released for sale. The time for the end of the Steam Hunt is drawing near too, ending September 30th. So happy shopping and hunting, and I’ll see you at Hatpins!


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