Here We Go Again

Hatpins - Lady Kate Hat and Dress - Charcoal - HDH

This is where Miss Jeni could claim she isn’t listening to 80s hairbands while blogging and allowing them to influence her titling, but she is! So here we are in the middle of the week. And that means a sale, oh yes! For your over the hump pleasure Miss Reghan brings you the ever delightful Lady Kate, the hat and the gown each for 69L. Wrap yourself in this cozy charcoal ensemble and enjoy a leisurely day filled with tea and muffins. I like to think the muffins are carrot. The sale ends at midnight SLT Wednesday eve, so don’t miss it.

Hatpins - HDH - Lady Kate Hat and Dress

And if you’ve not had the pleasure of finding Miss Reghan’s prize for the Steam Hunt yet, you’ve only til Friday to do so, for the hunt ends then. Perhaps another look at the Cogitator to entice you? So happy saling and hunting and I’ll see you at Hatpins!

Hatpins - The Cogitator - The Steam Hunt


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