The New, The Pink, The Bargains

Hatpins - Eddison Fedora - LOW

Happy weekend everyone! Hope you’re all having a good one. Interested in a sale or two? Oh good, then you’re in the right place! The Letter of the week has changed and for E Miss Reghan brings us the striking Eddison Fedora. A nice unisex style with texture change features on both the hat and the band, this is also a new release and can be bought for a mere 79L until October 7th.

Hatpins - Glenna Wreath - Sixty Linden Weekend

For Sixty Linden weekend there is a lovely Lady Glenna wreath, pink rose and fuchsia hibiscus. A nice savings and excellent opportunity to feel very pretty and feminine! Need I say more? You have until Sunday eve to indulge yourself in this bargain.

Hatpins - Eddison and Glenna - Specials

Over at Hatpins things are in the pink! Why yes, as it is now Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is time for Boobiethon. Miss Reghan has some special items out. Two hats and a pair of delicious pink beaded spectacles, and the full purchase price of these items will go the Susan G. Komen Foundation to help raise money to fight this disease. So please consider a purchase to help, and have a lovely day/eve. I’ll see you next time at Hatpins!

Hatpins - Boobiethon - Breast Cancer Awareness Month


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