Sweet Caroline for HDH

Hello one and all! Yes, that is Mr. Diamond you hear playing in my head as I type this today, for Miss Reghan is bringing us a pretty pre-release special, Lady Caroline. This darling boater who makes me want to nibble on candy corn can be yours for a mere 69L until midnight tonight. And while she is certainly nommable with that delicious ribbon and those scrumptious flowers, I honestly do not recommend eating the flowers.

Hatpins - Lady Caroline - HDH

And while I start watching the clock to see how long it takes Miss Reghan to realize I was heisting her look for Caroline, I feel the urge to remind you that you can still find the Eddison Fedora as the Letter of the Week special until Thursday eve. 79L for this fantastic unisex head topper with texture change hat and ribbon, I surely can’t pass that up. It gives me joy. So hop on down to Hatpins, or skip, walk, jump… whatever makes you happy, and scoop up your bargains! Until next time, have a wonderful day/eve.

Hatpins - Eddison Fedora


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