A Weekend in the Belfry

Hatpins - The Bat Hat - Sixty Linden Weekend

This is clearly a good weekend for having bats in one’s belfry, I have no doubt of that after dealing with SL wonkery all day. Fortunately I can have my bats and my hats, all in one! Our ever delightful Miss Reghan has put out a delicious new topper adorned with roses and bat wings for the Sixty Linden Weekend sale. And oooo, what is that I see lurking near that sale vendor? Oh yes, wings too! I’m telling you, this is what all the best coffin sleepers are wearing these days. Don’t miss out on this deal, you have until midnight Sunday eve!

Hatpins - Lady Rosemary - LOW

And for the Letter of the Week sale you can find a pretty boater by the name of Lady Rosemary, ever so scrumptious in black and purple. With a floof of mesh, a pretty bow and a delectable hatpin, she’s sure to be the perfect piece to finish off your latest outfit. Yes, floof is a word, or at least it is now. So hurry on down to Hatpins and get your happy fingers on these bargains, and I’ll see you all next time!

Hatpins - Sixty Linden Weekend & LOW


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