The Night the Milliner Made the Blogger Faint

Now, as it goes dear Miss Jeni is a creature of habit, and her habit for Tuesday evenings is to prepare the the blog, shoot a couple of hats, delight in their yumminess. Not too hard truly, this is indeed the life. This week as that midweek hump rolls up on us, the ever so darling Miss Reghan decides to make the unsuspecting Miss Jeni faint. And faint she did, with glee! Are you ready? Buckle up!

Hatpins - Glenna Wreath October - HDH

First up we have the Midweek special, For Hump Day Happiness there is a beautiful new wreath, Lady Glenna in a color combination that certainly delights these eyes. Come on over, take a peek, enjoy the lovely aroma, you know you can’t resist a good 69L bargain!

Hatpins - Lady Eleonara - October Group Gift

For the members of the Hatpins Finery group there is a group gift that goes so well with that special wreath. It’s the Lady Eleanora hat, a lovely topper with those flowers that I could positively just eat up. But, we won’t be eating flowers tonight, they’re much prettier on this hat!

Hatpins - Lady Agnes Dress & Lady Agnes Hat

Hatpins - Lady Rosemary - Halloween

But wait! There’s more! For tis the season for Halloweenery joy! Egads, yes, this is why the faints of glee. For your seasonal delight you can find, the Miss Agnes dress, and the Agnes hat which tops it so wonderfully well. Better yet, the Agnes dress gives you a choice between long and shorter skirts! AND! There are 6 different colors of the Agnes hat. Then you can have a taste of the delectable Lady Rosemary, complete with bow, mesh, flowers, web and hatpin! Yes, one hat can have it all and wow the way it has it!

Hatpins - Happy Pumpkin Faces Boater

Hatpins - The Bat Hat

We’re not done yet! The Halloween Scene hat is making a comeback, complete with fog effects. There’s the Happy Pumpkin Faces boater, which will not only put a smile on your face, but on your head as well. The Bat Hat is flying around here somewhere, perhaps chasing those bat wings away from poor Lady Agnes.

Hatpins - BOGO and Kitty Lantern

And then there’s something that makes my toes tingle with glee. Oh yes, it’s a BOGO sale! In celebration of Halloween you can buy one, get one of equal or lesser value. So have a hat or two, or three or four or… More! The sale ends at 12:01am SLT, 1 November 2010, so be sure not to miss it. And I bet if you peek around you’ll find some goodies for very special prices, like a darling kitty lantern and was that a broom I saw flying about? Must go catch that! I’ll see you all at Hatpins!

Hatpins - HDH Group Gift and Halloween


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