Hunts And Specials.

The Lapel Watch and Pocket Watch will make a perfect gift for male or female, adding interest to any outfit.

This beautiful made Earring and Lapel Pin set is a lovely gift to any lady who like the finer things in life. As we are wearing coats more in SL why not wear the pin to add that extra special touch.

Twisted Krissmuss is a holiday shopping tour designed to make the season bright — offered by the merchants and friends of the Twisted Hunt. Every merchant on the Twisted Krissmuss tour has made at least one item that is newtransferable, and costs L$100. It runs from December 4th – December 30th.



For more information go to –

The Peace One Earth Hunt has started and Hatpins  is taking part.  This fun hat is perfect for the holiday season as we all party and dress up. As this has been designed as a uni-sex items the gift will suit everyone. The Starting point is at  Aurora Borealis Jewelry but as the last globe links to the first globe you can start with us and not miss out – taxi  to Hatpins.

For more info on the hunt go to


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