The New and the Festive

Greetings lovely ladies and gents. It may be cold and snowy outside, but at Hatpins all is warm and festive! There are some lovely new releases to be adored, and Miss Reghan also brings us some festive toppers that are bound to delight.

Hatpins - Cameron Ads

First up we have some new eyewear, the Cameron Spectacles. Feast your eyes upon these in gold, silver or copper, all with color change lenses and suitable for both the men and the ladies. And do remember that the lovely cranberry beads featured here, while delicious, are not edible!

Hatpins - Newness Ads

And once you are sure you can see clearly with Cameron, have a good look at the lovely Ladies Viola and Meghan. Lady Viola features a texture change hatband, and a charming cameo adorned with simple yet striking feathers. Lady Meghan is a warm little number who comes with a matching scarf and is available in six different colors. Both hat and scarf feature a lovely poinsettia pin.
And with a quick look around you will see there are a couple of new things to be had beyond hats and spectacles! Perhaps the lovely floating poinsettia candle strikes your fancy, you can find it displayed in the seating area in the front of the store. It comes with a lovely glass bowl, and the candle is both resize and tint scripted. There’s also a new offering from the texture side! The Pixelcat Textures Snowy Window Pane.

Hatpins - Lady Meghan Hat and Scarf

Hatpins - Festive Ads

There are a number of festive hats, and even some seasonal spectacles available to warm the shopping heart. Among the new you will find Lord Falalalala, who is so full of whimsy and merriment I find myself dancing with joy. Twinkling lights adorn the antlers featured on this top hat, and if that isn’t enough for you do take note of the poinsettia candles perched upon the antler tips. They’re sure to light your way to a merry time! The hat band is decorated with christmas ornaments and candy for that extra touch of delight. A touch of the crown sets the snow to falling around you. Be sure to pick up a pair of the Poinsettia Spectacles so you don’t miss a thing, sometimes it’s hard to see through all the lights and the snow. With these you’ll look sharp and festive all at once. And should you get a pang of hunger, there’s a new version of the Gingerbread Top Hat to be found. A touch of the crown gives both you and your friends a piece of gingerbread to nibble on, and you will surely be the talk of the town in this delicious topper. A touch of the candy lights to either side of the door will bring red or green peppermints falling down around you.

Hatpins - Lord FaLaLaLaLa Top Hat

Hatpins - Gingerbread Hat

A few reminders, The Peace On Earth Hunt runs until January 3rd. The Lord Noel hat is the prize to be found, a candle top hat wrapped with a garland of greenery, berries and pine cones. Also for your gifting pleasure there is the Twisted Krissmuss event which runs until December 30th. Participating vendors have transferable items available for the low price of 100L each. Miss Reghan has a lovely selection of accessories available, an earrings and stickpin set, a lapel watch and a pocket watch.

Hatpins - Peace On Earth Hunt Ads

Lord Noel - Hatpins POE

Hatpins - Twisted Krissmuss Ads

I wish you all a festive season and hope you enjoy the merriment and shopping, and I’ll see you at Hatpins!


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