It’s Milliner Time

Hatpins - Lady Valeria

Yes, it’s that time where the mad milliner releases new hats and offers up some special and even a wonderful limited edition! So I’m here to grab you by the coattails and take you all on the wild ride to see all the goodies. First up we have the sweet and pretty new release, Lady Valeria. She cuts quite the figure with her white straw, beautifully patterned ribbons and delectable flowers. You can find this sweetheart in six different combinations, each one as lovely as the next!

Lady Valeria

Hatpins - Lady Betsy

Here you can see Lady Betsy, a navy affair who dances to her own special beat with ribbon, flowers and note the pretty scrolly design that adorns her brim. You can take this lovely home with you in one or more of 8 varieties. Choices, oh yes!

Hatpins - Aisling Wreath

The next release strikes my fancy in particular, for I am ever so in love with pretty wreaths. And the Aisling Wreath is certainly that. With a floral combination of lilies and roses, and of course some greenery and baby’s breath, this wreath captures the heart. The back features a lovely satin ribbon with tails that hang to about the waist. And with a click you can choose a nice selection of colors for the ribbon. I’m ready to dance about and burst into song with this one. But I’ll hold off for a bit, there is more to see!

Aisling  Wreath

Hatpins - Lady Hatpins Limited Edition

On down this way you will find a very special release. A limited edition hat, Lady Hatpins. Featuring *gasp* striking hatpins in the band, this hat is sure to win the heart of the 40 people fortunate enough to purchase it. Once it runs out you won’t be seeing it sold again, so get it while you can.

Hatpins - Lady Odette - Sixty Linden Weekend

And last, but by no means least, Sixty Linden Weekend is upon us, and Miss Reghan brings us the Lady Odette hat with her luxurious feathers for the bargain price. This one is available until Sunday eve. And with that, I must go dance and sing, I’ll see you next time at Hatpins!


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