Hatpins <3s Originals

Hatpins Lady Cora

Hatpins is proudly a part of the I ❤ Originals Fair, an event put on by Artists Voice, providing a wonderful look at some delightfully creative designers. So today I'm sharing with you some of the lovely things you can find there from our darling Miss Straaf! Imagine that!

Hatpins - Lady Cora

First up you can find a new release called Lady Cora. With her soft roses, feathers and delicious little pearliques (That is so what I call them!) she’s bound and determined to win your heart, and your head! Demos can be found at the fair, along with four of the six colors that will be available.

Hatpins Ladies Georgia and Valeria

You’ll also find a valentine version of Lady Valeria, who is as tantalizingly sweet as ever. And we cannot forget the arrival of a new wig that works nicely with most Hatpins hats, Lady Georgia.

Hatpins - Lady Valeria - Vanilla Valentine

There’s a hunt item to be found as well as part of the 10L hunt there. The prize is a lady’s hat, so gentlemen please save your linden! And note that pretty much everything in the Hatpins booth is for sale, you know you’re eyeing that comfy furniture! Hatpins at I ❤ Originals Fair.

Meanwhile it is the weekend, and that means the Sixty Linden Weekend Sale! So be sure to stop by the main store to see Lady Rebekah, a most darling bargain, but only until Sunday eve. That’s it for now ladies and gents, I thank you for your time. See you at Hatpins!

Hatpins Lady Rebekah - Sixty Linden Weekend


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