Sixty Linden Weekend and Something Steamy

Hatpins - Lady Zarah - Sixty Linden Weekend

Here we are, it’s the weekend, and our lovely Miss Reghan has out a lovely new hat for that very special 60L price. You will find the Ivory of Lady Zarah available as the Sixty Linden Weekend item until Sunday eve.

Hatpins - Lady Zarah

And be sure not to miss the rest of selection available on this lovely new hat, for she comes in an assortment of delightful colors to go with all your favorite new outfits.

Hatpins - Steam Hunt IV

Lastly, be sure to get yourself in gear, for Steam IV is coming up soon, and Miss Reghan is bound to delight with the prize she’s going to have for the hunt. Starting on Tuesday, March 1st you’ll be able to hunt for the gear which contains a new steamy topper and goggle set. And with change options on the lens, hatband and steam, you know what Miss Jeni will be spending all her spare time doing! See you at Hatpins!

Hatpins - Steam


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