Of Steam and Sales

Hatpins - Quin Spectacles Tortoiseshell - Sixty Linden Weekend

Hello lovely readers! As you may have guessed with the coming of the weekend comes another bargain for you. This week our dear Miss Reghan has some delicious new spectacles out. The Quin spectacles in tortoishell can be found as the Sixty Linden Weekend bargain until Sunday eve. I must say, when she passed me a pair of these and I put them on, I squealed with delight! And as you can see they look dreamy on the menfolk too. And if you peek around to the new release wall you’ll find the gold and silver versions of these.

Hatpins - Quin Spectacles - Tortoiseshell

Hatpins - Steam IV Hunt

As I mentioned last time around, the Steam hunt is on again. It runs until March 31st, so you have until then to head over and hunt down the fabulous hat Miss Reghan has done up for the event. With tintable steam, color changing hatband and half goggles that have a color change lens, you can change this around to suit your wardrobe in many ways before taking to the skies in your airship! Excuse me, must go, my ship is flying off without me! See you next time at Hatpins!

Hatpins - Steamy Victorian - Steam Hunt


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