Release Time!

Lady Deanna Hat and Lindsey Spectacles - Sixty Linden Weekend

Yes, there are new releases. But first I feel the urge to tempt you with the Sixty Linden Weekend items, as the weekend is not yet over. Miss Reghan has a lovely Top hat and a pair of spectacles out for the special bargain price, and that lasts until midnight tonight! Meet Lady Deanna and the lovely Lindsey. Now if you get together with Lindsey you can clearly see that Deanna is tops!

Hatpins - Lady Deanna Top Hat

Hatpins - Lady Cornelia

Now on to the new delights! Lady Cornelia has arrived to grace your heads with a most enchanting upturned brim. You will find a selection of nine colors to work into your wardrobe!

Hatpins - Lady Lauren Wig

Cornelia was kind enough to bring along a friend who she works well with, the new wig Lady Lauren. Our dear Lauren also is a nice match with bowlers!

Hatpins - Fishie Fishie Ooh

And finally that mad milliner had herself a nice catgirl moment, and there is a bit of fun in a top hat to be found for a mere 2L. The Fishie Fishie Ooh hat can be found by the group gift easel. I’m off to count the fishies, see you all at Hatpins!


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