Hatpins New Releases

Hatpins - Casey Spectacles

Our lovely Miss Reghan has some new releases for you to enjoy, and I’m here to show them off to you! First allow me to tempt you with something spectacular, the newest spectacles in the Hatpins collection, Casey. As you can see these look equally wonderful on both the ladies and the gents.

Hatpins - Rhosyn Hair Wreaths

Next is a taste of springtime in the newest collection of wreaths, Rhosyn. Feast your eyes on these lovely flowers which come in a variety of nine different color sets! Can you go home with just one? Goodness knows I’m finding it hard to wear just one at a time! So journey on over and give them a look for yourselves, and while you’re at it you can take a peek at the hats you’ll find marked down to 99L. Just look for the signs over the displays. I’m off to play with Miss Reghan’s new teleporters, I’ll see you all at Hatpins!

Hatpins Rhosyn Wreath in Citrus Sunshine


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