New Release Special and Sixty Linden Weekend

Hatpins New Release Special

Hey listen! Do you hear that? Why it’s the mad milliner and she’s whispering to herself. Go ahead, come a little closer and hear what it’s about. Yes, you’re hearing right, she’s whispering about all her new releases being half off for the first 48 hours. That means you’ve until Sunday afternoon left to get yourself some bargains on this latest batch of creativity, for our lovely Miss Reghan has certainly been on a creating spree.

Hatpins - Bethan Wreaths

First up! The newest wreath collection, Bethan. As she has said herself, Miss Reghan loves spring, flowers and colours. That clearly shows in this new wreath, a most beautiful adornment for the season with its roses, ivy and baby’s breath. And look! You’ll find the Antique Roses version of Bethan as this weekend’s Sixty Linden special, just follow the arrows on the floor back to the display! The other 5 wreaths of course are on the new release wall as you enter the store.

Hatpins - Bethan Wreath - Antique Roses

Hatpins - Lady Olivia and Paintbox Poorboy

There are two hat releases this week, Lady Olivia who arrives in a selection of six colors and the Paintbox Poorboy hats, of which you’ll find two different fabrics that have six colors each, dark velvets and bright denims. Naturally I could not resist the velvet in chocolate. It makes my head so happy!

Hatpins - Paintbox Poorboy in Chocolate Dark Velvet

Hatpins - Cameo Earrings

And if that’s not enough for you, well then prepare to be delighted just as I was. This week brings treats to make for happy ears as well as happy heads. Miss Reghan has made a nice variety of earrings! Feast your eyes on these lovelies while I go see about having extra holes put in my head so I can wear them all at once. Enjoy your weekends and I’ll see you at Hatpins!

Hatpins - Chandelier and Chakra Earrings

Hatpins - Pendant and Heart Drop Earrings


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