Sixty Linden Weekend and New Releases

Hatpins - Ona  Wreath - Sixty Linden Weekend

It’s the weekend again, and let me tell you… Miss Reghan has been busy! Are you ready to see what she’s been up to? Well first, let’s enjoy a look at the Sixty Linden Weekend special, the One Wreath. She’s a unique little lady, come take a peek at her, take her home for tea. She’s sure to delight you!

Hatpins - Lady Kerrie Hat

Now on to the new releases! How about a little something in a nice wide brim with plenty of feminine appeal and delicious pastels? Allow me to introduce you to Lady Kerrie, who you will find in a variety of six colors. And for some Easter joy there is also a version with peeps. Why I just might eat my hat!

Hatpins - For the Love of Cog Specs

Is your world looking a bit fuzzy? Then you’re sure to find the newest addition to the Hatpins spectacles collection to be quite useful, as well as stylish. The For the Love of Cogs specs come in three different colors, and are unisex.

Hatpins - Gemmed-In Set - Multigemmed and Pearl

Feeling the need for some new shinies and sparklies? You’ll be all set with the next two releases. The Gemmed-In set features pearls and a selection of five different gemstones. Each necklace and earring set is 400L, but you can get a wonderful deal with the version that is the whole set in one, for 900L.

Hatpins - Tassel Jewelry Sets

For those who want a little dangle with their shiny, the Tassel sets in Papagoite and Fluorite are bound to please!

Hatpins - Shoulder Scarves

Last, and certainly not least are the new line of shoulder scarves, currently available in six colors, with more to come. With those I’ll call it a wrap and remind you that all new releases are half price for the first 48 hours, so until Sunday evening! And!!! If you love the floral wreaths, you will love the third floor, where you can find them on special for 100L until the eve of May 1st. What’s that? You need to shop? Well then I’ll see you at Hatpins!


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