Sixty Linden Weekend

Rhosyn Hair Wreath - Raspberries and Cream

As the weekend whirls in, so does the Sixty Linden Weekend sale. This week Miss Reghan has not one, but two delightful bargains for your shopping pleasure. First up is the Rhosyn wreath, in a delightul palette of raspberry and cream. I can promise I’ve not nibbled yours, delicious as it may be. Just don’t look at mine too closely! And the second bargain is one I can see myself in quite clearly, especially when I am wearing them! The For the Love of Cog spectacles in a nice brass tone will help you see your way to more shopping and a good weekend, I’m quite sure of it. And with that I will see you at Hatpins! Remember, the sixty linden sale ends Sunday eve. Have a lovely weekend!

Hatpins - For the Love of Cog Specs - Brassy


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