Moody Monday

Hatpins - Bacchus Cameo Earrings

Well look at that! The weekend has gone on her merry way and left us in the delightful presence of Monday. Shall we see what delight Miss Reghan has for the Moody Monday sale this time around? Yes, yes we shall! This week it’s a little something to adorn your ears, the Bacchus Cameo Earrings, featuring tigerseye beads and set in gold finishing. Be sure to pick your pair up before the sale is over Monday eve!

And! If you’ve not checked out the Last Chance sale yet, be sure to take a peek. Come Wednesday all the hats in the bargain attic and the ones in the shop with the red hat over them will be vanishing forever. That’s a mighty long time! After that be sure to pay a visit to the Accessory Fair, Hatpins is there with some delicious goodies! Until next time, be well and I’ll see you at Hatpins!


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