Sixty Linden Weekend and New Releases

Hatpins - Sixty Linden Weekend

Sixty Linden Weekend is here, and at Hatpins it is positively golden, as I’m sure you’ll see. Miss Reghan has set two pairs of gold spectacles for a mere 60L until Sunday eve. Between Charlie and Micah, one is bound to make you see your way, or perhaps both!

Hatpins - New Releases

There are new releases to be had as well. And pssst, a little bird, or was that a mouse told me that all the new releases are half off until Saturday night? There are two new pairs of spectacles, Charlie and Piper, and then Edgar adds himself to the selection of monocles to be found at Hatpins. Every lady needs somewhere to carry all her bits and baubles and of course the coin purse, so take a peek at the Charmed Purses, complete with… charms! I could say they are simply charming. Oh yes I could. And to wrap things up nicely there is a lovely new straw hat that is bound to please the ladies. Her name is Rosa and she is a sweetheart! Until next time, have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you at Hatpins.

Hatpins - Charmed Purses


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