New Releases Come Roaring In

Hatpins - Florence Cloche - Purple

The weekend arrives at Hatpins, roaring in like the 20s! New hats, new earrings and of course the Sixty Linden Weekend Special. Let us start with the hats, shall we? Miss Reghan has created a couple of cloche hats for those with the spirit of the jazz age in their hearts. The first is Florence, adorned with a simple and lovely ribbon. A bobbed hair style suits this type of hat well, and for the first time you will find a Hatpins hat available with hair. I’m wearing Florence with the brown hairs as I ponder which jazz club I might want to frequent!

Hatpins - Florence Cloche Hat

Louisa Cloche Hat - Autumn

Next is Louisa, and she’s just a bit more extravagant. Embellished with florals and greenery, she is still every bit a lady. Florence and Louisa both come with a non-wigged version, which you can also buy separately.

Hatpins - Louisa Cloche Hat

60L Item - Deco Earrings - Yellow Tourmaline

And every cute bob needs some nice earrings to dangle from beneath it, so continuing in the 20s inspired theme are two pairs of earrings. The first pair is a tribute to the art deco style that became popular during that time. The deco earrings in yellow tourmaline are also the Sixty Linden Weekend item, which runs through Sunday eve.

Hatpins - Deco Earrings - Yellow Tourmaline

Atom Earrings - Pink Glass

The next pair of earrings take their cue from the realm of science. You’ll find the Atom earrings in three colors for your wearing enjoyment. Miss Reghan has also released a collection of veils that will work with nearly any of the hats. They can be purchased separately or in a pack of all nine. And that’s it for this time. I wish you all a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you at Hatpins!

Hatpins - Atom Black Glass Earrings


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