New Releases and Sixty Linden Weekend

Hatpins - Cameo Set - Sixty Linden Weekend

It’s a beautiful weekend, and even more so due to the beautiful releases to be found at Hatpins! But first, take a peek at the lovely set that is out for Sixty Linden Weekend. Feminine, timeless and enchanting, a cameo jewelry set to please the ladies. That sale ends Sunday eve, so be sure to get yours before it is over.

Hatpins - Cogsworth Unisex Spectacles

Are you finding yourself with a need for some new spectacles? Ladies and gents both can enjoy the new Cogsworth specs, which come in a selection of three different metals. And once you have those you can turn your focus to your head. Perhaps something gothic and scintillating? Miss Reghan has created both a lovely Tethys Fascinator and the Tethys Gothic Top Hat. The fascinator is pure joy with its jaunty tilt and enticing veil to cover one eye. The Tethys top hat is a striking piece, which I might add also looks stunning with the veils Miss Reghan carries. Both feature a lovely cameo.

Hatpins - Tethys Fascinator and Top Hat

Hatpins - Floraleigh Straw Hats

Finally there is a beautiful burst of joy in the Floraleigh straw hats, which were inspired by the colors of spring and summer. These floral delights are true eye and heart pleasers. My heart certainly went pitter pat when I put one on and it went perfectly with my new gown. Come try a demo and see if your heart is won over as well. Have a lovely day/eve and I’ll see you all at Hatpins!

Sweet Floraleigh


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