Sixty Linden Weekend

Greetings, lovely people! The weekend is upon us once more and what a wonderful one it is. Shall we start it off with a nice bargain or two or three? Oh yes, we shall! For not only does Miss Reghan have a lovely item out for the Sixty Linden Weekend special, she has three to choose from. First up is the lovely Lady Valeria hat in a color set that gives me much glee. With delicious browns and cremes it brings to mind a lovely decorated cake, sweet and scrumptious!

Speaking of scrumptious, next we have Reg showing us the Quinn Spectacles in tortoiseshell. I do so adore when Reg lends a helping hand to showing us the items available. As you can see these glasses look wonderful on men, and are quite nice on the ladies too.

Last, and by no means least is the Rhosyn wreath. Adorn your head with this lovely piece and you’re bound to catch many an appreciative eye. All three of these items will be available at the special price until Sunday eve, so don’t miss out. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you at Hatpins.


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