Sixty Linden Weekend and Seasonal Delights!

The weekend has crept in on little kitty cat paws. I’m sure it was the cutest little black cat ever. So how about some bargains and some Halloween goodness, hmm? For starts our dear Miss Reghan has some new spectacles out for the Sixty Linden Weekend special. This lovely eyewear is unisex and comes in copper, silver and gold.

Once you can see your way to the halloween display you will find that all the hats from Halloweens past are only 99L, and the Rosemary boater has a new look to fit the holiday. Dear Rosemary is available in both straw and a lovely velvet, both equally delicious. I wonder if she tastes like candy corn. Oh right, must not eat the hats! The bewitching Lady Agnes outfit with matching hat is out and only 200L, and you can purchase just the hat in a variety of colors as well. And it doesn’t stop there, for you will find that the darling kitty lanterns adorning the shop are available for sale, as well as that handsome straw gent outside watching the front walk. They are respectively 50L and 75L. And with that I shall leave you to your shopping delight. Have a lovely weekend and holiday, and we’ll see you at Hatpins!


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