Hatpins at Vintage Fair

Vintage Fair has finally started, and Miss Reghan has thrown her hat in the ring (Okay, the square) with some lovely new releases exclusive to the fair until December 3rd. Shall we have a peek at the goodies to be found before we go rushing over? Why yes we shall! To start with is Clara, a lovely new Cloche hat adorned with flowers and in a material that if you’re anything like me, you will want to reach out and touch. She’s a lovely addition to the hatpins lineup, and bound to delight your head.

Next we have Coco, a delight in floral that will strike the perfect note with your dressier wear. And for a slightly less glamorous, but just as delightful look is the Monique Beret, who makes a statement all her own with her simple bow and an optional elegant touch of a tintable veil.

Finally we come to my personal favorite of the new releases, the Frankie Spectacles. I’ve been finding it hard to take these off, horn rimmed glasses which come in a nice selection of frames. And best of all they easily convert into shades with the tinting options! I can go from smart to sassy in just a couple of clicks. You will find these and more at the Hatpins booth at Vintage Fair. Information and a map of the fair can be found here. Have a lovely weekend and we’ll see you there!

Hatpins Spectacles - Vintage Fair


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