Hatpins – Sales and Festiveness

Hello hello! Tis the season to be running about in a tizzy, spinning in every direction and not knowing where to stop. Well I’m here to help with that, after some spinning of my own. If you hurry you can still get in on the Sixty Linden Weekend bargains, which will be going to 99L at the end of Sunday eve. Our dear Miss Reghan has not one but two delectable goodies for our delight this time around. First a delicious and ever so nibblable Gingerbread Bowler, I dare you to resist taking a bite out of this yummy festive topper. And for the second item there is the Noella Yuletide Hair Wreath, adorned with pinecones and boughs of holly, she’s striking a very special cord in this bloggy heart.

And while shopping the festivities, take a gander at the table full of seasonally fun hats, all 99L each. Don’t miss out on the new release of the Pom Hat and Scarf sets, they’re so cozy and wonderful.  And dare I say it? Egads I dare! There’s a sale! You see, right now all the regularly priced items are 44% off and shall remain so until the eve of December 18th. Coincidentally that is when Miss Reghan’s RL self turns that same number. So many wishes for a joyous birthday to her, and we’ll see you at Hatpins!


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