Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend

Hatpins - Liadan Wreath - Pink and Peace Roses

Spring has arrived in fine fashion, and this weekend Miss Reghan has some fine spring fashion waiting for you in the Sixty Linden Weekend Sale. With all the glorious blossoms poking their heads out to delight in the breeze and soak up the warming rays of the sun, it is no surprise that a new wreath has come along to join the fun. The Liadan wreath features the pink and peace roses and some lovely baby’s breath, girly delight in the making.

Hatpins - Liadan

Hatpins - Arabella Hair Wreath - White Roses

You will also find the white rose version of the lovely Arabella on special. This is the point where Jeni becomes lost in glee, for the daisies are a most delightful distraction. Take some time to smell the flowers and come on over to Hatpins to pick up these bargains before the sale ends Sunday eve. A glorious weekend to you all and we’ll see you at Hatpins.

Hatpins - Arabella


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