Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend

Hatpins - Lady Kerrie - Blue Rose

Spring is in the air and I’ve a hat atop my hair! Why yes, the weekend has arrived and with it the Sixty Linden Weekend sale… and perhaps a small amount of merriment on a certain blogger’s part. The ever lovely Miss Reghan has a few lovely items available for your bargain shopping pleasure this weekend, and I hope they’ll make you sing with glee. First we have the lovely Lady Kerrie hat, the Blue Rose version. Yes, I know the roses are pink, but the hat is blue. Perfect for a stroll through the garden, down the road, into town, through the market… into the hat shop. Why yes, Jeni, you did indeed manage turn a nice stroll into a shopping trip! And if the air should develop a touch of a chill, do be certain to cover yourself with the lovely shoulder scarf, which is alway part of the bargains this weekend.

Lady Kerrie

Hatpins - Old Silk Shoulder Scarf Advert - Pink

If you cannot quite see your way through the flowers, perhaps you will find good use in the spectacles that are in the sale. The Joey Spectacles in copper or gold are a striking addition to any outfit with their beaded accents and work wonderfully well for both the ladies and the gents. A sure bargain to make your eyes happy at the 60L price. These specials will be available until Sunday eve. As always have a wonderful weekend, take time to sing to the flowers and we’ll see you at Hatpins!

Hatpins - Joey Spectacles - Gold (Advert)

Hatpins - Joey Spectacles - Copper (Advert)


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