Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend and a New Release

Hatpins - Lady Molly - Red

Why yes, it is the weekend again. Strange how that keeps happening! And this weekend is full of goodies, oh yes it is. Our lovely Miss Reghan has had those talented fingers of hers hard at work coming up with a new and lovely creation for our shopping delight. The Lady Molly hat is the newest addition to the collection and features a striking flower accented with feathers, and in a delectable selection of colors. And better still? Lady Molly is included in the Titanic sale that is going on until the 16th!

Hatpins - Casey Spectacles - Silver

Of course with the weekend we also have the Sixty Linden Weekend Sale, and for that Miss Reghan offers up three different items for your shopping pleasure. First we have Casey spectacles in silver, a nice selection for both ladies and gents. You will also find a lovely enameled cuff watch, which can keep SL time or the timezone of your choice. And finally the Charmed purse, a delightful accessory trimmed with delicate charms. Don’t miss out on the deals, the sale ends Sunday eve. Enjoy your weekends and we’ll see you at Hatpins!

Hatpins - Enamel Cuff Watch

Hatpins - Charmed Purse - Pewter


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