Hatpins – Vintage Fair 2012

Hatpins - Adelaide Cloche Hat - Candy Apple Red

Vintage Fair 2012, put on by CHIC Management, has arrived, and our dear Miss Reghan is taking part in grand style! You’ll find a number of new items available at the fair which runs until August 29th, so let’s take a peek at all the pretty, eh? First up is Adelaide, a delightful cloche hat featuring lace, beads and a bow. With a touch the base color of this hat can be changed to black. There’s that variety I love so much. I’m showing you the Candy Apple Red here, but she comes in a delicious range of colors (I so did not nearly type flavors… I can’t eat the hats!) and you can see the rest in the flickr set I will link conveniently at the end of the post!

Hatpins - Thelma Cloche Hat - Purple

Next is Thelma, another cloche style hat, but this lady carries herself just a bit differently. While perhaps simpler in looks than her friend Adelaide, Thelma holds herself with a touch of regal elegance, from the fancy curve of her brim to the luxurious bow that adorns her.

Hatpins - Lloyd Specs - Red

And then there is Lloyd. These spectacles, which I show you in red because quite honestly I love red, are modeled after the spectacles worn by Harold Lloyd, a silent film comedian from forever ago. Well, not really forever, but the early 20th century. Best of all, this style suits the ladies just as well as the gents.

Hatpins - What Wrought Earrings - Dark Amethyst

Then last, but by no means least, we have all the jewelry! From the fabulous What Wrought earrings, which delight me ever so much with their dangling beauty, to delectable bits with pearls and roses, combs and chokers and more earrings. Jewelry so lovely you may well find yourself with the impulse to reach out and touch!

Hatpins - Mother of Pearl Hair Comb - White Beads 1

Hatpins - Dusky Pink Roses Hair Comb

Hatpins - Golden Pearl Flower Necklace

All these and more can be found at Hatpins – Vintage Fair 2012 and if you would like to see all the other colors available in the new items then be sure to check out the Hatpins Vintage Fair Flickr Set. Wishing you all good days and wonderful shopping.


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