Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend

Egyptian Earrings - Turquoise - copy/mod

Oh brrr, the chill of autumn has certainly arrived, but you know what? It’s nice and cozy inside Hatpins! Come on in and let me show you the lovely specials Miss Reghan has out for the Sixty Linden Weekend sale, hmm? I’m willing to bet I can find us some nice spiced cider to sip while I’m at it. All comfy cozy? Fabulous! Now, have a look at these beauties, they’re the Egyptian Earrings in a lovely turquoise. From the gentle curve of the fan shape to the dainty beads suspended from delicate bits of chain, these adornments for your ears hold a decided amount of feminine allure. There’s just something about turquoise methinks, perhaps I find my fascination with it as it is a symbol of friendship, something very dear to me. Plus it’s just plain pretty!

Clarissa Hat - Navy and White - copy/mod/resize

You’ll also find the Clarissa hat in Navy and white as one of the 60L bargains. This darling lady is a boater style hat that will make a wonderful topper for some of your favorite outfits. Trimmed in lace and ribbon and adorned with enchanting blossoms, she’s sure to win your heart. Here, have another cup of cider while you shop. A lovely weekend to you all, we’ll see you at Hatpins!


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