Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend

Hatpins - Branwen Wreath - Autumn Red Roses

Pssst, excuse me a moment! Did you hear something about the weekend arriving? Oh my, I cannot believe it got here and almost got away without me! You see, I fear I was a bit entranced with the lovely item Miss Reghan has out for the Sixty Linden Weekend sale… Yes, you caught me redhanded! I was off frolicing in the forest in search of a castle where I could pretend to be the most glorious autumn princess ever. And I’d be well suited for it with the Branwen Wreath, don’t you think? It gives a girl’s heart happies to wear something so lovely upon her head, and opens the imagination to much glee. A wreath wrought of branch, leaf and gorgeous autumn red roses? Why yes, please and thank you! I’d like that very much, and perhaps so will you. I do invite you to drop by Hatpins before the end of Sunday eve to get your own wreath for mere 60L and let your imagination run away with you. You’ll not be sorry! Looking forward to seeing you at Hatpins!


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