Hatpins – New Releases and Halloween

Hatpins - Lady Prudence Hat - Purple

Hello lovely ladies and gents! Have you seen what our dear Miss Reghan has done? Oh no worries, if you’ve not seen yet then I am here to show you. It’s new release time at Hatpins, and she’s created a few lovely items for your shopping enjoyment. First up, Lady Prudence. Truly there’s no missing this fine lady, she cuts quite the fine figure with her floof of feathers and the pretty blossoms that adorn her brim. Team that up with a selection of delectable colors and she’s a sure winner.

Hatpins - Lady Prudence

Hatpins - Raven Feather Witch Hat - Black

Now, I’m sure you are all aware that Halloween approaches. I’m especially gleeful this year as Miss Reghan has brewed up a couple of new treats! The Raven Feather Witch Hat is one of the new selections you’ll find for the holiday. Do I need to say it? Look at those feathers! Yes, yes… I know, I’m obsessed with feathers. Either I’m part bird, or part cat, but either way it’s a delicious hat! And finally we have the Liadan wreath with gorgeous orange and black roses, a good choice for frolicing through halloween gardens, if you’re batty. And even if you’re not. I think this pretty wreath may well be my choice for curling up with a nice cup of spiced cider while daydreaming that I am a princess, or a fae, or.. well anything I can imagine! I’m sure I’ve talked your ears off by now. I fear Miss Reghan doesn’t sell fresh ears, but do stop by for some wonderful shopping. Take care, and we’ll see you at Hatpins.

Hatpins - Raven Feather Witch Hat

Hatpins - Liadan Hair Wreath - Orange and Black Roses


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